PT.INDOFURNACE ( FNC ) is a company established in 2013, is engaged in the provision of products refractory materials including service installation, in the processing of iron and steel industry, glass and ceramics, cement industry, as well as the refining of coal.

      We are a joint venture company with refractory material company Rewell Refractoy Zhengzhou Co,.Ltd(China) as the largest shareholder, is implementing the construction of our plant in the land area of ​​10,000 square meters in area of ​​Cikande, Tangerang.

      We cooperate with the University of Science and Technology Beijing" and "China Iron & Steel Research Institute", creating products and solutions such superior "System for Blast Furnace and Hot Water Pipes", "System Jetting Slurry at High Heat", and "Refining system and Smelter". Our products have been spread to several countries, such as China, Taiwan, France, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.