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High Alumina Brick

High alumina brick usually refers to refractory brick with alumina content more than 48%, which is mainly made from natural high-grade bauxite.

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High Alumina Brick

High alumina brick


High alumina barick usually refers to the firebrick with Al2O3 content above 48%, the main raw material is natural bauxite, in the high aluminum clinker to add soft or semi-soft clay as a binding agent to start mixing ingredients, then through molding and drying, and finally fired. The refractoriness of high alumina bricks is around 1770, and the load-softening temperature is 1420-1550. Common high alumina bricks include sk36,sk38,sk40,etc.


High Alumina Brick Application


The inner lining of metallurgical kilns such as blast furnaces, hot blast stove, ladle.


Physical and chemical indexes of high alumina brick:


Item High alumina brick
SK36 SK37 SK38 SK40
Al2O3,% ≥ 55 65 70 82
Fe2O3,%≤ 2 2 2 2
Max Serivice Temperature,℃ 1350 1350 1400 1450
Softening Temperature under load,0.2Mpa 1450 1480 1530 1600
Apparent Porosity,% ≤ 20-23 20-23 20-22 18-20
Bulk density,g/cm3 2.25-2.4 2.3-2.5 2.4-2.6 2.5-2.7
Cold crushing strength,Mpa ≥ 45 50 60 70


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